Nov 17, 2017

Convocation Teacher Nur Syafiqa Ishak at MAEPS Serdang

Last August 2017, NurIshak's family came down to Putrajaya to celebrate Syafiqa's convocation at MAEPS Serdang. Everyone were able to attend and the photos during this short trip are so awesome.

 Photo shoot session of Syafiqa - The Girl for the day
Now is the part for "Org lain yg konvo, Org lain yg photo shoot"
Dinner at Volcano Shabu-Shabu Cyberjaya
Dia bantai photo shoot kt IKEA plak..
Now, she is a teacher. Wishing her all the best in her journey towards mencari keredhaan Allah s.w.t and finding her path in her life from now onward.
- Ana The Gorgeous -

Sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2017

Family Photo for this year on 1st Syawal, Missing Family Kaksyu n Amir, they came back on the 3rd Syawal.

Some of the dish prepared and enjoyed during this year Aidilfitri include signature kuih muih such as popiah ikat, almond london, cornflakes and tart nenas. Compulsary menu, rendang, ketupat nasi n ketupat pulut. Additional menu for this year is Dodol and Satay Bakar as requested by Abah n Isa,
Cleaning the house
Dodol in the making
Menu last ramadahn - Steamboat n Grill
Satay Bakar in the making
The kids and babies of Nurishak clan
 Photo shoot session for this year Hari Raya celebration:
- Ana The Gorgeous -