Apr 28, 2018

Tokwan, Nenek with Cucu-Cucu

 Occasionally Ana/ Kaksyu need to left our children with Tokwan & Nenek when we're outstation for work. Layha live at Tokwan & Nenek's house 3 weeks in a month. So when this happened, The Irfan's boys, Madihah and Qays Rasydan will have the cousin's time at Tokwan & Nenek's house.
 Madihah is a tough girl, likes to make the boys cry but she's afraid with a cat.
Aqil n Adli otw to Tokwan's house
 Tokwan's get them to sleep in the morning while Nenek at work
 Play time and makan time. Aqil likes to kiss Qays on the cheek.
 Nenek bring them to shop groceries in the night and treat them to KFC.

Madihah in the house!!! Cute with Telekung sembahyang present from Nenek

Videos of the kids.
- Ana The Gorgeous -

Apr 16, 2018

CNY 2018 Weekend at Muar

NurIshak's Family celebrating this year chinese new year holiday at Muar, Johor. 
Supporting local tourism place/ event.. Journey team from Kluang start their travel on Saturday morning, 17th Feb and later on joined by Ana's family in the evening. Layha's family and Ismail did not joined because of work.
Having brunch at famous mee bandung place at muar. 
I believe it's name is Mee bandung abu bakar hanipah.

After that, we visited DonHu Dinosour Park
The Irfans siblings are so afraid with the T-Rex while Qays only have little response towards all the display.
Later in the evening, we go for a stroll at this new emporium textile in Muar, I can't remember it's name and went back to homestay at Taman Sri Tanjung for a quick nap, pray and refresh.
We had dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor Muar. The stall that we chose (all full, no choice actually) left with limited choise of seafood, so we just grab what they had. luckily it taste very good, especially the red paste and they charge us very cheap than what we anticipated.. bravooo...
Then, we went to Tanjung Emas, Muar for some pictures.
On Sunday Morning, we planned for a bath at Kolam Air Panas Sg. Gersik,
Tough time finding a good place to have breakfast as all the place we planned being canceled out later. But this RnH Cafe is so nice, we stayed there until it's closed around 11am.
And celebrated Kaksyu's birthday - simple session even the cake is limited. 

That sums up our short vacation at Muar - 2 days 1 night.
- Ana The Gorgeous -